Best food websites. 26/08/2014 at 1:40 pm No dear. a child needs both parents. I hv had problem getting preg cos hubby's sperm count is lowHubby wants me n our daughter to relocate to canada cos I am a citizen so as to give her the best since am not working here(I do biz). 24/09/2019 26/08/2014 by EYA AYAMBEM. This group of resilient and amazing mothers in conflict-torn northeast Nigeria, through the Porridge Moms project, are creating better health and nutrition outcomes for their children — a profound expression of love and investment in each child’s bright future. Aunty Eya can i add tomatoes as well ? 23 thoughts on “Irish Potato Porridge” Comment navigation. Some health benefits of Potato porridge are: It is a good source of Vitamin B6; Potatoes are rich in magnesium, which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral. Food writer. Do you. it's more important for the child to have both of u. Aunty Eya this looks yum. 2 Scotch Bonnet Peppers. Ingredients for Potato and Fish Porridge 2 medium Irish potatoes Adding spinach to this Nigerian potato porridge is optional but necessary. Hannatu Zakarya, 25, is the mother of three — including a small baby with a giant smile. Ghanaians call it nuhuu or mpotompoto. 3 Qualities Of Top Entrepreneurs – Mark Zuckerberg, 76 Becomes First Nigerian Movie Chosen To Premiere At London Film Festival. Ingredients: •½ Kilo. The same applies for those in the value chain sector. Set pot on medium heat, add canola oil to the pot and let it heat up. The best way I like my irish potatoes is portage ganished with veggies, sorry I don't ve pix but I wil discribe how I make it. So yummy, No offense, Aunty Eya but is this really porridge or soup? How you choose to eat this is entirely yours. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. More ; Categories Different porridge recipes, Low Cost Recipes, Nigerian food recipes, potato porridge, wives connection recipes 8 Comments. The Irish potato crop grows very well all through the year in Nigeria especially around the Jos, Mambilla, and Obudu plateaus (Anochili 1984). . 1 Large Sweet Potato. Irish potato & beans porridge Zainab’s kitchen ️ Bauchi Nigeria. Welcome back to my channel, today's video is a potato recipe, i'm going to be showing you how i cook my healthy Irish potato porridge, this potato porridge … The potato can sometimes be replaced with yam or cocoyam. We don’t want the paste “slappy” for now, stay together. Crayfish Powder (can substitute with fish powder) Chicken Bouillon Powder; Red Bell Pepper; Green Bell Pepper (Optional) Onions; Palm oil (can be substituted with vegetable oil) How to make Potato Porridge (Pottage) *This is an overview with step by step photos, full recipe instructions … Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Anonymous. Potato of choice. Try something new today. It gives it a great touch of green color, as well as very nutritious. Aug 26, 2014 - Nigerian Food. They are use for beverages, fodder, fibre, porridge, cookies and other snacks. Wash and blend fresh tomato, red bell pepper and onions. Peel your potatoes, dice and rinse. Add salt, pepper, bouillon cubes, a little water and crayfish to the tomato paste and allow to cook. Add more water if needed. . It can be grown on any kind of soil except saline and alkaline soils but growing them in a well drained sandy-loam soil is ideal. Irish potato are mostly grown in Plateau and Taraba States but in the Mambilla region. Aunty eya, u need to try sweet potato porridge, I have a cool recipe for it and I promise you, u wud love to cook it regularly, OK, can you share your recipe? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The Irish potato crop grows very well all through the year in Nigeria especially around the Jos, Mambilla, and Obudu plateaus (Anochili 1984). Add your blended tomato paste to the hot oil. Sweet Potato, Ipomoea batatas is a tuber crop that is common in northern Nigeria and Nigeria at large. Your email address will not be published. Salt and Pepper to taste. This curried potato porridge taste is completely different from the normal In the early 1970s, the State Ministry of Agriculture in Benue took in another set of varieties including ajax, mirka, spunta, Nicola, desiree, diamant, dan-Cameroon, alpha, cardinal and Baraka. However, with our Nigerian food timetable for adults, choosing the foods to cook within your budget shouldn't be much of an issue anymore. are sometimes added to it. why not wait till it's time for college and then she can go to canada and you can both visit. Nigerian food recipes. Wd rather cook with either uziza OR other veggies. Apr 1, 2015 - Nigerian Food. 1/4 cup of Crayfish pieces. Submit. I love sweet potato porridge and they're so packed with great nutrients. 26/08/2014 at 1:01 pm can i use sweet potato Aunty Eya. Reply. When next I cook this, I won't want to combine uziza with other veggies. Vegetable/Canola/Olive oil Reason 2: There are more than fifty recipes (literally) you can use it to make (with french fries being at number one, don’t argue, just accept it). 24/09/2019 26/08/2014 by EYA AYAMBEM. Nigerian beans porridge can be eaten on its own or served alongside rice and stew, fried or boiled plantains or yam, water-soaked garri etc. If we want to have twins children, consuming sweet potatoes probably is a good idea. Best food websites. Although also done by the Scotts, the Irish like to grate turnip into the potatoes while boiling, along with an onion wedge. Allow potatoes to completely cook then add your spinach, stir and turn off heat. If only irish Potato wasn’t so expensive in Nigeria i’d eat it four times a day and i wont get tired.. for two reasons of course. so ive heard. Nigerian cuisine.Top Nigerian food blog. Potato porridge is a very colorful and nutritious meal prepared using different kinds of potatoes. If you ask me, I will tell you that there is no end to what you will do with Irish potatoes. 4.5 /5 Based on 3 Reviews. Yes Mavis, I think you can add but NOT MUCH. i dont think that's a good idea. Comment navigation. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. just ingredients for p.soup. It looks delicious..mavis. Presently, Nigeria is the eighth largest producer of Irish potatoes in Africa and her yield is about 843,000 tonnes but her consumption of these potatoes in our dear country is over 1 million tonnes. Required fields are marked *. If you are outside Nigeria, use leafy spinach for the garnish, in Nigeria, use garden Sweet potatoes fondly seen as tubers are actually a root vegetable, so combining this vegetable with other veggies enriches its nutritional value making it a better option among its counterparts like … Cooking the Tastiest Sweet Potato Porridge. Thanks, me too unless they are well salted. Place the potatoes into a large saucepan and pour in just enough water to cover. Irish Potato Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide. In Nigeria today when mention is made of Irish potatoes, the next thing that comes to mind is Plateau State. Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Delicious sweet potato recipe. Ghanaians call it nuhuu or mpotompoto. Sweet Potato & Plantain Porridge. HANNATU. The inhabitants of Igbo-Ora, Yoruba in Nigeria are sure that sweet potatoes is the only cause of hyperovulation and level up the chance of having twins baby.