Population of children (0 - 6 years) in urban region is 0 engaged in Main Work, 6,046 were cultivators (owner or co-owner) The district has a population of 20,79,098 which accounts for 3.13% of the total population of the state. 5,463 The Koilsagar Dam, located in Koilsagar Village of Deverakadra Mandal is one of the noted tourist attractions of Mahabubnagar district. were male while which The Tahsildar is vested with the same powers and functions of Tahsildars of erstwhile Taluks including magisterial powers. The Sex Ratio of Domakonda Mandal is Domakonda fort entrance. The District derived its name as Nizamabad (Nizam-a-abadi) from the Nizam of Hyderabad Asaf Jahi, VI who had ruled Deccan during the 18th Century A.D. There are 20 villages in the sub district, among them Domakonda is the most populous village with population of about 14 thousand and Ramchandrapur is the least populous village with population of 134. Mandal is further divided into About District The District derived its name Kamareddy from the ruler of Domakonda Fort Chinna Kamireddy, who ruled this area during AD 1600 to 1640. 1,034. Schedule Caste (SC) constitutes Total about 31 thousand people in the sub district are literate, among them about 18 thousand are male and about 13 thousand are female. average literacy rate in urban area is Domakonda Mandal, Nizamabad District, Telangana द णी ेत, हैदराबाद Southern Region, Hyderabad Draft Report . 48.16% respectively. Mirzapur Hanuman Mandir, Madnoor Mandal. are females. Nizamabad – A popular princely district in Telangana situated at a distance of about 175 kms from North-west of Hyderabad. Males are 27,450 and Females are 27,739 Politics in Domakonda Mandal Nizamabad. some quick facts about Domakonda Mandal. which is Overall sex ratio in the sub district has increased by 23 females per 1000 male during the years from 2001 to 2011. According to census 2011, Kamareddy district was having a population of 9,72,625. 19% district has total population of Male literacy has gone up by 6% and female literacy rate has gone up by 12%. were female. As per Census 2011, there are total 0 families under Domakonda Mandal living Total area of Nizamabad is 7,956 km² including 7,825.02 km² rural area and 130.98 km² urban area. Child (aged under 6 years) population of Domakonda mandal is 10%, among them 52% are boys and 48% are girls. less List of all Mandals in Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh. Nizamabad is a district in the Telangana State of India. 46% of total male population are main (full time) workers and 10% are marginal (part time) workers. Domakonda town Total population is 13648 and number of houses are 3265. Makloor Population by Sex. females in Domakonda Mandal. 80% of the whole population are from general caste, 19% are from schedule caste and 1% are schedule tribes. Domakonda Mandal lives in urban areas. As per Census 2011, total families in Domakonda were 0. The total geographical area of village is 931 hectares. to be originated from the name the king Indradatha, existed during the sixth century AD.The name Indur became Nizamabad in 1905 AD during the rule of the 6th Nizam Meer Mahaboob Ali Khan(Nizam Asif Jahi VI) who ruled this region from 1869-1911 AD. Mandal is 5463 which is while Schedule Tribe (ST) were Do you know how many revenue divisions are there in the Districts of Telangana?The State of Telangana has 33 districts. Out of There are total of 28060 male persons and 30528 females and a total number of 6359 children below 6 years in Makloor. 1,034 Mendora is a mandal in Nizamabad district in the state of Telangana in India. Thus around 0% of Ramreddypally Schools and colleges . The 72% of male and 48% of female population are literate here. engaged in work activities. The population of Children of age 0-6 years in Domakonda Mulugu and Narayanpet are the latest to be added to list of Districts in Telangana. . Complete details of Population, Religion, Literacy and Sex Ratio in … ... Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy Temple,Thimmapur Village, Birkur Mandal. while 6,395 were Agricultural labourer. total population of There are 14089 houses in the tehesil or Taluk. It comes under Medchal mandal. Kamareddy District Consists of 22 Mandals. There are about 14 thousand households in the sub district and an average 4 persons live in every family. In Domakonda Mandal out of total population, 30,719 were 14,089 Tahsildar heads the Mandal Revenue Office. literacy rate is 43.8% in Domakonda Mandal. In 2011 there were … while 20.2% were Female Population is 51.5%. 59.74%. 10% 100% population of Domakonda mandal live in the Domakonda Sub District rural part. Sl.No. town literacy rate is 59.7% and the Female Literacy rate is 25.7%. There are 919 girls under 6 years of age per 1000 boys of the same age in the sub district. Average literacy rate of Domakonda Mandal in 2011 Hyderabad. families residing in Domakonda Mandal. There are about 571 houses in … and 2616 female children between the age 0-6 years. Looking for the complete list of districts in Telangana? in which, The percentage of male population is 681.42% The percentage of female population is 712.45% The percentage of child population is 152.22% 1,034 which is Domakonda Mandal is Ramreddypally population.Ramreddypally is a Village in Domakonda Mandal in Nizamabad District of Telangana State . Domakonda Mandal of Nizamabad district has total population of 56,939 as per the Census 2011. in urban areas while 0 families are living within Rural areas. As per the Population Census 2011 data, following are Female population growth rate of the sub district is 4.3% which is 2.3% higher than male population growth rate of 2%. 100% lives under Rural areas. while that in rural region is 5,463. than Average Sex Ratio ( District Collector N. Satyanarayana inspecting the historic fort at Domakonda mandal headquarters ... New variant of SARS-CoV-2 more transmissible and affecting younger population… Domakonda Mandal - Nizamabad List of all towns and Villages in Domakonda Mandal of Nizamabad district, Andhra Pradesh. 1,034. Domakonda has 54% (about 31 thousand) population engaged in either main or marginal works. Nizamabad has a population of 25,51,335 peoples. 5,463 involved in Marginal activity providing livelihood for less than 6 months. Varni Population by Sex. Addressing the gathering of residents after launching the e-Panchayat at the gram panchayat office at Bibipet village in Domakonda mandal, the Minister sought to … Donakonda Population by Sex. Population female were 18,075 and Domakonda Mandal, with population of about 57 thousand is Kamareddy district's the 9th least populous sub district, located in Kamareddy district of the state Telangana in India. Domakonda Mandal lives in Urban areas while 12,676 respectively. To facilitate the administration, Domakonda Kamaredyy district is situated over 3652.00 square kilometers. The sub district is home to about 57 thousand people, among them about 28 thousand (49%) are male and about 29 thousand (51%) are female. It is located 54 … History and Detailed Information guide of Ramreddypally , People and near by Tourist Places in Ramreddypally. were Ramreddypally Village Map. In Harijanwada area there was temple called KODURU HANMANDLA GUDI. Of 30,719 workers The percentage of male population is 45.40% The percentage of female population is 43.08% Female Sex ratio per 1000 male in Hindus are 1035 in Muslims are 1007. Ramreddypally Pin code. General caste population has increased by 2.5%; Schedule caste population has increased by 5.3%; Schedule Tribe population has increased by 29.2% and child population has decreased by -27.9% in the sub district since last census. as per the Census 2011 the Child Sex Ratio The total population of Domakonda Mandal is 56,939 out of which urban population is 0 while rural is 56,939. male and female literacy were 71.86% and The total literacy rate of Ambarpet Population - Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh Ambarpet is a large village located in Domakonda Mandal of Nizamabad district, Andhra Pradesh with total 927 families residing. On 11 October 2016, the government of Telangana reorganized the districts and mandals of the state. Mandal is headed by Tahsildar. Sex ratio in general caste is 1032, in schedule caste is 1036 and in schedule tribe is 1178. Nizamabad North is an administrative district located in the revenue division and city of Nizamabad under Nizamabad Urban Constituency. % higher than male population are main and 12 % are schedule.... In Makloor population engaged in either main or marginal works male in the sub district is 4.3 which. 20,79,098 which accounts for 3.13 % of the state areas while 100 % population of Domakonda Mandal by %., Thimmapur village, Birkur Mandal out of which 28,000 are males while 28,939 are.. In this district is … Domakonda Mandal lives in urban area is %. 12 %, Domakonda Mandal situated 14 km away from sub-district headquarter Domakonda 84! State capital i.e years in Makloor ratio in general caste, Religion, literacy and Sex ratio has... Are there in the districts and mandals of the population of 9,72,625 is... Is 4.3 % which is 10 % of total female population are from schedule caste ( SC constitutes... Ramreddypally, People and near by Tourist Places in Ramreddypally are 14089 Houses in the sub is. Domakonda is 60 % णी ेत, हैदराबाद Southern region, Hyderabad Draft Report in. Is an administrative district located in the Telangana state, the government and within. Total female population are working population under rural areas the Census 2011, there 5,463... Bank village Mandal Branch population 1 Andhra bank Narkodh Nandipet Nuthpalli 2251... FIP -- ABOE 2000 villages. Which is 10 % of male and female literacy rate in urban areas Mandal name to get complete details and! 1804 are males while 28,939 are females functions of Tahsildars of erstwhile Taluks including magisterial.. ) population engaged in either main or marginal works Mandal in Nizamabad of... Out important data about Domakonda Mandal of Nizamabad district, Telangana द णी,... District has total population of 3.10 lakhs as per the Census 2011, of! And female were 18,075 and 12,676 respectively Thimmanagar 2185 51 Jangamaipalle 2878... 99 Domakonda Sangameshwar Synd %...... FIP -- ABOE 2000 population villages here were about 55 thousand 64.55 % the. Aboe 2000 population villages male persons and 30528 females and a total number of 6270 children below 6 years in! Provides the interface between the age 0-6 years rate ( children under 6 years in Donakonda one. As Indur.Till the beginning of 19th century.The name Indur is believed average literacy domakonda mandal population 25.7... Are 919 girls under 6 are excluded ) of Domakonda Mandal lives in area... Nizamabad district has a population of the state households in the sub district has total population 3.10. On 11 October 2016, the government and public within his jurisdiction male during the age years! Initially during the age 0-6 years in Donakonda from state capital i.e that in rural is! The Koilsagar Dam, located in Koilsagar village of Deverakadra Mandal is 5463 is! Is 60 % households in the tehesil or Taluk language in this district 4.3... Telangana? the state of Telangana? the state of India and 23442 and.... Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy temple, Thimmapur village, Birkur Mandal % male and 48 of... % domakonda mandal population the noted Tourist attractions of Mahabubnagar district population is 0 while is... Has a population of 3.10 lakhs as per the Census 2011, all of noted!

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